About me

Arturo Fernández( Harto)
Born in Spain in 1993, Harto embodies the convergence of different disciplines in his role as artist and designer, weaving elements of the natural world, theatrical representation and digital innovation into his work. His academic background in industrial design and prototyping, from which he graduated in 2016, provided a solid foundation for his artistic career.

The global pandemic in 2020 marked a decisive turning point in Harto's artistic development. The decision to abandon theatre and the tangible world of his previous work to immerse himself in the digital world, the novel and emerging world of NFT. His transition was quickly successful; within months, Harto's digital creations were being exhibited at international events.

His work has been exhibited in such prestigious art venues as New York, Miami and Hong Kong. But perhaps the highlight of his career to date is his involvement in launching the first NFTs into space. This collaboration, backed and supported by influential space organisations such as SpaceX and NASA, brought together 50 international artists under the auspices of the Rakia mission.

Harto's work pushes the boundaries of what is possible in art, extending its reach from the streets of Spain to the vastness of space.
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